Eagles Nest

This was our first foray into grape growing and was established in 2006.  We had long owned the property, and needed a place to plant and learn about growing grapes, so decided to give this a shot.  Affectionately named “Frost Pocket Vineyard”, this 1.5 acre patch of flat land near Leland has more than lived up to it’s given names, with bald eagles regularly catching thermals overhead, and a steady diet of spring and fall frost events keeping us humble, very humble.  This has been valuable to us as our test vineyard, where we try different methods, and learn from our mistakes.  Better to err here than on the “real” vineyard.  We are now in the process of replanting a portion of our vinifera over to Marquette, a cold hardy hybrid that may, someday bear significant fruit.

Eagles Nest Vineyard

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