Another former cherry orchard, a mere mile from the Matheson vineyard as the crow flies, this 30 acre parcel is not only a good place to grow fruit, but the upper ridge offers spectacular views of Grand Traverse Bay, Northport Bay, Gull Island, North/South Fox Islands and even the mouth of Little Traverse Bay.  This will be the site of our winery/tasting room in the future.  Currently planted with Vignoles, Gewurztraminer,  Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot.  A few stats:

  • Elevation: 990 feet (Lake Michigan is 550 feet above sea level!)
  • Soils are sandy loam
  • Pinot Blanc - 3000 vines
  • Vignoles - 2000 vines
  • Riesling - 3300 vines
  • Gwertz - 2500 vines
  • Chardonnay - 2000 vines
  • Merlot - 1500 vines

Swede Vineyard

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