2015 Tundra Ice Wine

We made this wine from the American hybrid Vignoles.  We love the versatility of this grape.  In the vineyard it has the ability to grow in lower, colder areas and still produce top quality fruit.  In the winery, it’s ideal for blending or making sweeter dessert style wines.  Viscous and smooth, with excellent acidity to balance the sweetness, Tundra demonstrates this versatility.


We hand harvested our Vignoles and pressed off a syrup like juice.  The fermentation was long and slow and halted with about 15% residual sugar.  The wine was settled, racked and cold stabilization prior to being bottled.  


Tropical fruit explosion.  It is freaking amazing!


Very sweet with a bracing acidity that gets you in the back of the tongue.  This wine will linger on your pallet for several minutes


Brilliant, golden color

Food Pairings

The perfect after dinner drink to pair with a salty cheese or chocolate. 


Retail $49 per half bottle

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