2014 Riesling - Dry

Riesling transforms every time you turn around, as the little green, astringent pellets of early July transform to a small, chalky yellow/green berries.  Summer swells the berries, turns the skin golden, while the juice inside matures into a sweet, bracing, complex essense of the land.  In October, eat a ripe Riesling berry and it will startle you with a fine burst of acidity that is quickly countered by sweet, lush fruit. 


The 2014 Riesling was a small crop, not unlike everything else we harvested.  We started harvest just before the snow started flying in early November.  In total we harvested 4.4 tons - way off our normal harvest which would be 12-14 tons.  We destemmed, pressed and cold settled over night before innoculation.  Fermentation completed without a hitch and left us with this incredible, nearly bone dry Riesling. 


3 gold medals


Slate, apple, citrus


Dry, moderate acidity.


Brilliant, light yellow color

Food Pairings

Great with spicy foods and personal favorite with Thai and Chinese


Retail $16 per bottle

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