Tasting Room

Our Tasting Room is in a unique, 1927 building that began life as a barber shop/pool hall.  S. R. Gain of Leland, “Barber Gain” to the townspeople, needed a place for a barber shop, and he apparently had a knack for utilizing surplus material.  The brick facing of the building was made with leftover bricks from the Immanuel Lutheran Church on the hill that you can see when standing on front of our building.  The short-board maple flooring surely was a by-product of some other project in the village, and lends a unique character to the interior.  In those days, nothing was thrown away that could be used by a resourceful individual. 

Some years later, the building was bought by the Ball/Morris family and donated to the Township to be used as a library, which operated under the watchful eye of Effie Johnson, until the early ‘70’s.  Through the years, gift shops and a real estate office occupied the space, until the spring of 2011, when it became home to Verterra Winery’s Tasting Room.

Our intent is to offer not only the finest wines we can produce, but also bring home to our customers the story of our vineyard, our grapes, and ourselves, right here in this tasting room.  Enjoy the pictures, the stories, the people, and most of all, the wines, truly the fruits of our labor.

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