2012 Gewurztraminer Medium Sweet

Gewurztraminer has an unmistakable perfume, and you can taste it the day these grapes begin to go through veraison.  Like any fine perfume, too much is cumbersome and, well, un-sexy, yet the right amount, in the right places, can be striking.  For that reason, we harvest when sugar and acid intersect with the appropriate amount of perfume,.  We harvested a huge crop in mid-September well before the weather made any choices for us.  Please enjoy this medium-sweet style, which pairs well with rich aromatic foods such as Chinese or Indian cuisine.


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13 tons of gwertz (we get tired of saying the full name!) were hand harvested on October 2nd - a very different day than the 2011 vintage where it was cold, misty with a blustery northern wind.  The fruit was de-stemmed, gently pressed and cold settled before being split into two tanks - one for our dry version and one for this, our medium sweet version.  It went in to the bottle in the second week of January.


The floarl nose of gwertz is unique to this grape.  For us, we like it subtle.  In this case the wine displays the floral perfume as a subtle component of the total package rather than dominating it.


Medium sweet with a ripe fruit flavor and a balanced acidity to round out the finish.


Brilliant, light yellow color

Food Pairings

Great with spicy foods and personal favorite with Indian food.


Shawn Walters

Release Date

June 2014

Cases Produced



Retail $18 per bottle

Past Vintages

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2011 Gewurztraminer Medium Sweet

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