2015 Pinot Grigio

The sandy, well drained soils of our estate vineyards seemed perfectly suited to producing a huge, top quality harvest each and every year.  Pinot Grigio ripens early, and in most years is usually the first grape we harvest for still wines.  The color ranges from dark pink to almost black and the tight, uniform clusters produce a wine that expresses a vibrant pear and apple nose. 


The Pinot Grigio was hand harvested fruit picked on October 1st that were immediately taken to the winery to be de-stemmed and then gently pressed.  The juice off the press was a clean, light green color as it was moved to a large stainless steel fermentor where we combined it with Pinot Grigio we purchased from Washington.  The combination of our fruit with fruit from Washington resulted in a must that looked very similar to our normal grigio profile.  Fermentation took about three weeks and then the wine was settled and racked.  Finally it was cold stabilized, filtered and bottled for your enjoyment. 


Pear, apple with a bit of blossom.


Dry wine with under a half percent of residual sugar, it is similar to our 2012 but with a touch more fruit given the perfect growing season that we had.  The touch of residual sugar really makes the fruit pop and comliments the acidity perfectly. 


Brilliant, lighly yellow wine

Food Pairings

The acidity makes this a perfect wine to pair with chicken, seafood, anti-pasti and creamier cheeses


Retail $15 per bottle

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