2015 Gewurztraminer - Dry

There is no varietal that expresses itself more dramatically in the vineyard than Gewurztraminer.  At first taste, the grapes burst with sweetness and our signature Northern Michigan acidity, but the floral perfume is undeniable, guaranteed to make you say "Wow!"  In the finished wine, we find the perfume is present but restrained, just how we envisioned it.


Just over 9 tons of gwertz (we get tired of saying the full name!) were hand harvested in early October.  It chilled over night in the low 40s before it was de-stemmed, gently pressed and cold settled before starting fermentation.  Long, slow fermentation created this beautiful wine.  


Floral!  Gwertz has a rose pedal nose that is truly unique.  We like it subtle, as part of the entire integrated package


Slightly off dry with a ripe fruit flavor and a hint of spice


Brilliant, very light yellow color

Food Pairings

Great with spicy foods and personal favorite with Indian food.  This also happens to be our Thanksgiving wine, pairing perfectly with traditional turkey and stuffing.  Seriously, try it!


Retail $18 per bottle

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