Our adventure in to farming started on a flat (read too flat!) piece of land just north of Leland that we had owned for many years.  This was our test plot to see if we could handle the work.  Turns out, we all loved it so we started looking for our next property to really get the business going.  We found an ideal property, just south of Northport on Matheson road that has become our primary vineyard with about 19 acres of grapes.  Finally, we purchased another farm on Swede Road about a mile south of our Matheson vineyard.  This site has amazing potential.  It is the highest point at the end of the peninsula which means we can see west to North Manitou, north to the Fox Islands and to the east Northport Bay, Gull Island and even across to the mouth of Little Traverse Bay.   It is well sloped and had cherries on it several times throughout its life. 

Here are a few interesting stats to keep in mind as of June 2011 between our three different vineyards:

  • 9 different varietals
  • 28000 vines in the ground
  • 27 miles of drip irrigation
  • 216 miles of wire



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