2015 Late Harvest Riesling

Riesling transforms every time you turn around, as the little green, astringent pellets of early July transform to a small, chalky yellow/green berries.  Summer swells the berries, turns the skin golden, while the juice inside matures into a sweet, bracing, complex essense of the land.  In October, eat a ripe Riesling berry and it will startle you with a fine burst of acidity that is quickly countered by sweet, lush fruit. 


We had a very small harvest in 2015 due to the second cold winter in a row that dramatically reduced grape crops across Michigan.  We did end up harvsting a few tons that we did combine with some fruit from Washington.  The result of blending the two juices was our typical estate numbers in terms of acid and sugar.  To obtain the finished sweetness of about 4% we save some of the freshly pressed juice in a tank that we freeze.  Once ferementation is done we add this sweet nectar back creating an unbelieavable complex wine.


Apple, peach, citrus


Medium sweet wine with 4% residual sugar.  The sweetness is complimented by a wonderful acidity that creates balance.


Brilliant, light yellow color

Food Pairings

Great with spicy foods and personal favorite with Thai and Chinese


Retail $16 per bottle

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