Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Frame

What time are we able to arrive? Our general contract gives you access to the entire site beginning at 11:00AM. This allows you time to personalize the site and also provides you access to the bridal lounge for you and the wedding party.

What time do we need to be done? Current local ordances require music to be turned off at 10:00PM. Last call is also 10:00 PM. You and your guests are able to stay on site until 11:00 PM, at which time we ask that the site is cleaned up.

Can we drop off things early? For your conveniance you may drop off decorations early by coordinating a drop off time with our event planner. 

Food and Beverages

What drinks are allowed? We are currently licensed to serve Verterra Wine and Ciders. We have applied for a microbrew license to allow consumption of beer on the property and anticipate that to come to fruition in 2017. Hard liquors are not permitted. 

What caterers can we use? We are happy to assist you in choosing caterers to meet your needs and have a preferred Vendor list. However, if you wish to have a different company cater your event we are happy to work with you. Caterers are provided access to our catering preparation area with power and water access to compliment their current catering set-up.


What is included? The Ridge and Verterra provides you with a tent through American Rental, which will already be set up prior to your site access at 11:00AM. You have full access to our indoor, private bathrooms. The bridal party is given access to the bridal lounge for preparation. Your caterer will have access to a catering hook up area. You also have access to the site and vineyards for photographs. 


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