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Verterra Winery

Growler Care

We see growlers returned to us in a variety of conditions - some of which make us nervous to fill!  Here are a few things to keep in mind

Washing out a growler

It really is easy but only if you do it right after you pour your last cider. All it takes is a double rinse with hot tap water and some agressive swirling of the bottle.  Then some simple drying time upside down in your dish drain or on a towel.  Also, no soap please – it’s harder to rinse out than the cider, and makes your growler smell soapy.

The simple steps outlined:

Buy a full growler of cider
Consume growler of cider
Rinse the growler and cap twice with hot water, swirling agressively - no soap, seriously
Set it upside down on a rack or towel to let it drain and dry out
When everything is dry, we mean really, really dry, put the cap back on it
Return to our tasting room and exchange the growler for a refilled one
Repeat steps 1-6

Rules for funky growler exchange

We have seen some interesting science experiments being conducted in some of our returned growlers.  If you are trying to earn a PhD in micro-biology we guess that is ok but for the rest of you, please see Washing Out a Growler steps above. 

When you bring is a growler for refill we will:

Give a quick once over and sniff - if it passes we will exchange and refill
If it smells funky we will ridicule you and ask you to review growler care on our website
If it is really bad, we will not exchange the growler or refill it - good cider needs to stay clean and we don't want something funky in the growler messing with our clean cider - that would be a waste of good cider!

Our GOAL is to ensure that you leave with clean glass and fresh cider with every fill.  That way, we can both be sure that our fresh tasty cider always go into a nice clean growler. Now if you choose to pour GOOD CIDER into dirty glassware at home… well, you’re on your own.